The Trouble With Harry T.V. Boardman 1949Macmillan, New York

Leveret Press 1985

Penguin 1970Allison & Busby/ W.H. Allen 1989 Filmed by Hitchcock 1955
The Trouble With Harry / The Trouble With Trudy T.V. Boardman 1955 1955 p/b is a film tie-in edition, of sorts. Contains the original book plus a sequel. Trudy has never been reprinted… not surprisingly, as it is far from Story at his best
Protection For A Lady Werner Laurie 1950 See also Story On Crime
Green to Pagan Street George G. Harrap & Co. 1952 First of Story’s novels accepted for publication, third actually to get published. “A kindly book for my Mother.” A young man hopes to become a writer.
Murder On My Mind Dragon 1955 I’ve never set eyes on this one. Anyone have any details or a spare copy?
The Money Goes Round and Round Alvin Redman 1958 Charming comedy about a broke writer who lives in Hampstead. Prophetic.
Mix Me A Person W.H. Allen 1959Macmillan, New York, 1960 Corgi 1962 See also Story On Crime 1975

Rewritten from Sexton Blake Library

Man Pinches Bottom W.H. Allen 1962 Corgi 1964 Savoy 1980 Cover pictures > Origins in Sexton Blake Library
Live Now, Pay Later Secker & Warburg 1963 Penguin 1963 (no.1958)Reprinted 1963

Savoy 1980

First Albert Argyle Filmed before the book was released.
Something For Nothing Secker & Warburg 1963 Penguin 1966 (no.2391)Savoy 1980 Second Albert Argyle See also Omnibus edition Live Now Pay Later 1989
The Urban District Lover Secker & Warburg 1964Cedric Chivers Ltd 1973 Penguin 1969 (no.2651)Savoy 1980 Third Albert Argyle. Chivers edition credits author as “Jack Trevor” on spine (correct name inside.) See also Omnibus edition Live Now Pay Later 1989
Company Of Bandits Howard Baker 1972 Mayflower/Dell 1965 Sexton Blake
I Sit In Hanger Lane Secker & Warburg 1968 Allison & Busby/ W.H. Allen 1990 First Horace Spurgeon Fenton book… Horace being almost an alias of Story himself
Dishonourable Member Secker & Warburg 1969 Arrow 1979 Adapted from Sexton Blake Library, Danger’s Child
One Last Mad Embrace Allison & Busby 1970 Sphere 1972 Second Horace Spurgeon Fenton
Hitler Needs You Allison & Busby 1970 Sphere 1972 Third Horace Spurgeon Fenton
The Season Of The Skylark Howard Baker 1970 (Magazine publication Jan 1957) Sexton Blake
The Blonde & The Boodle Howard Baker 1970 (Magazine publication Nov 1957) Sexton Blake
Little Dog’s Day Allison & Busby 1971 Sphere 1972 Dystopian SF… sort of.
The Wind In The Snottygobble Tree Allison & Busby 1971 See also New Worlds
Letters To An Intimate Stranger Allison & Busby 1972 Autobiography/collection of columnsStory’s own review of the book
Crying Makes Your Nose Run David Bruce & Watson 1974 Could have been another Horace novel, but this time he’s called Edgar Wallace. Contains some of Story’s most harrowing writing. Very hard to find. Low print run?
Story On Crime Howard Baker 1975 Omnibus Edition; Protection For A Lady & Mix Me A Person reprinted together
Morag’s Flying Fortress Hutchinson 1976 Arrow 1979 Obliquely told psychological spy thriller. Unique and under-appreciated. (So what else is new?) Common as muck in the second-hand market, thankfully.
Up River / The Screwrape Lettuce Duckworth 1979 (Up River) Savoy 1980 (The Screwrape Lettuce) The Screwrape Lettuce was Story’s original title. (Or was it “A Voyage To Godalming” ?) A bit on the rude side.
Jack On The Box Savoy 1979 Autobiography/collection of columns. A Savoy original edition/TV tie-in.
Dwarf Goes to Oxford Leveret Press 1987 Autobiography.See Leveret page
Omnibus edition Live Now Pay Later Allison & Busby/ W.H. Allen 1989 Allison & Busby/ W.H. Allen 1989 The three Albert Argyle books in one volume.
Albert Rides Again Allison & Busby/ W.H. Allen 1990 Allison & Busby/ W.H. Allen 1991 Sequel of sorts to the Albert Argyle books.
Shabby Weddings

not published in full

britpulp! Sceptre 1999, edited by Tony White, contains “Riding Bareback (Jack’s Last Words)” the last few hundred words of Shabby Weddings See New Worlds